Four years

After much hesitation, and against my better judgement, I have decided to uphold my yearly tradition of marking my blogoversary. Last week was the end of my 4th year of blogging and, as is my custom, I will proceed to indulge in some grandiloquent pomposity (I had to look up what that means. If this post gives you nothing but that awesome phrase then my work here is done :)). Without further ado, here’s my yearly recap:

  • Published 28 blog posts (excluding this one). Wrote several more. This brings my grand total to 328 (at least 3 of which are worth reading :)).
  • My most visited post written this year was this introductory MVVM post, while my most visited overall was last year’s post on SOLID principles. My favourite from this year was probably What exactly is TDD driving?, or maybe Refactor or redesign?.
  • I inadvertently became anonymous thanks to the efforts of Anthony and Richard.
  • Browser traffic breakdown (with change from last year): Firefox 40% (-4%), IE 29% (-8%), Chrome 25% (+17%)
  • Anthony and I released NSubstitute. According to Ohloh it’s 10,000 lines of C#, and 21 person years of work worth $1.2 million (which just goes to show how far the US dollar has fallen).
  • Switched my blog post editor from Notepad++ to GVIM.
  • I, or someone that sounded quite like me, was on the Talking Shop podcast yakking about NSubstitute with my bearded project co-owner.
  • The percentage of traffic to my blog from Bing rose from 0.7% to 1.6%.
  • I gave my first (and probably last) usergroup presentation. Thanks to the good, tolerant people at Sydney ALT.NET for having me.
  • One of the more ambitious search terms used to find my blog this year was "implementing prolog in f#". The most depressing? Probably "microsoft.sharepoint.workflowactions.sendemail spgroup".
  • I got to go on Udi Dahan’s Distributed System Design course, attended the YOW! conference in Brisbane as well as Eric Evans’ DDD Workshop, and Corey Haines’ workshop on Practice. Also went to DDD Sydney and a Microsoft WebCamp in Sydney.
  • I got to meet loads of awesome people I only previously knew online.

I hope you’ve found something here over the last 4 years that has helped you out. Thanks for reading, and all the best to you and yours for 2011 and beyond. :)

Best regards,
Some bloke called Dave