NSubstitute on Talking Shop Down Under

NSubstitute is the subject of Talking Shop Down Under’s latest episode.

If you’d like to hear Readify Principal Consultant and MVP Richard Banks interview the brilliant and beardly Anthony Egerton (with occasional nonsensical comments from a raving lunatic*) then give it a listen.

In case you’re wondering, all the "anonymous" comments are just an inside joke that you pretty much had to be at Sydney ALT.NET for the NSubstitute launch to get. Rest assured they are intended purely at my expense. :)

I should also point out that there is lots of talk about Rhino Mocks in the discussion, but a lot of the inspiration for NSubstitute should also be credited to Moq for blazing a trail towards Arrange-Act-Assert (AAA) and getting rid of the distinction between mocks and stubs. Unfortunately we only talked about this after recording stopped, but it’s important to acknowledge the awesomeness of both Rhino Mocks and Moq and the invaluable contributions they’ve made to .NET testing.

Even if you’re not from Oz I’d really recommend the Talking Shop Down Under podcast. It’s .NET focused, done in typically laid-back Aussie style, and takes a fairly quick (~30 min) run through whatever happens to be the topic of that week.

* Apologies for the "Um… (pause)… um… um…". Some people should be read and not heard. ;)