Wrap up from TDD and OOO at Sydney ALT.NET

Thanks to everyone that came along to my presentation on TDD and Over-enthustiastic OO at Sydney ALT.NET this week. As promised, here’s links to the code and some additional info.

If you’d like to contact me with questions or to give feedback please leave a comment or email "me at davesquared.net".


If you’d like to look through the code we drove out, it’s up on github. I’ve also got a branch called checkpoints, which has each step of the process checked in as the last 6 commits (done prior to the presentation).

More information on TDD and OOO

I originally posted the String Calculator example in October 2009. It’s pretty much the same steps we went through during the presentation, but with a little more explanation about the steps.

I’ve also got a couple of posts on some of the concepts we discussed:

Additional links

Alternatives base classes


Turns out I was wrong, Richard did the Prime Factors kata, not String Calculator. Still, there are lots of screencasts on it in loads of different languages. I really recommend watching Gary’s version done in Python and Vim; it’s incredible!

Nothin’ but .NET

A few people asked about JP’s Nothin’ but .NET course.

Other stuff