3 years of Davesquared

Wow, it feels like only a year ago I was celebrating two years of writing my blog. :P That’s right, I’ve now been slaving over my little corner of the intraweb for 3 years. From humble beginnings as a naive, new blogger with virtually no readers, the intervening three years have seen me grow into a naive, old blogger with virtually no readers.

In all seriousness though, thanks to everyone that has subscribed and/or stopped by for a visit. I really appreciate it. An extra big thanks goes to those who have taken the time to leave comments.

If you’d like to give me a Happy Blogsday present, I’d love to get a comment from you so I can see who’s crazy enough to subscribe to my ramblings. That or an iPhone – completely up to you.

I’m looking forward to posting more ramblings in the year ahead.

Best regards,

Some davesquared trivia

  • 297 posts
  • I’ve written all my posts for the last 2 years in Notepad++
  • My most visited post last year was on the SOLID principles of OO design
  • Apparently I’ve had 2,885 visits from dialup users
  • 49% of visitors use FireFox, 37% use IE, 8% use Chrome
  • 11 visits from Android OS
  • Google accounts for 99.19% of visitors from search engines. Bing is 4th at 0.07%.
  • Most obscure search term used: “find 2nd to last item prolog”
  • dave^2 = -1 is meant to translate to “i is dave”, but most of my colleagues insist it means I am imaginary. I prefer to think of myself as complex yet real-componently challenged. ;)

My favourite posts this year