Happy 2nd Blogoversary

In a couple of days I will have been blogging for two years. Please excuse a little self-indulgence on my part while I go through the usual blogoversary formalities.

Some random statistics

Most of this is from Google Analytics, which should be a semi-decent approximation to reality.

  • 264 posts
  • Around 130 valued feed subscribers (including some which aren’t just me subscibing from different PCs). :)
  • Over 30,000 visits and over 40,000 page views since August 2007. Most recently there’s been about 3,000 visits a month. Not a huge amount, but probably more than this little blog warrants. :)
  • Busiest day: 768 visits on 3rd April 2008, thanks to a Reddited Python post.
  • Browser usage: Firefox 50%, IE 42%, Opera, Chrome and Safari around 2% each.
  • OS usage: Windows 92%, Mac 4%, Linux ~4%
  • 17 visits from iPhones. Apparently one from an HPUX :)
  • 262 visits from Microsoft.
  • Visits from 141 countries, with most from US, UK, India, Australia and Canada. Slightly less visits from Gibraltar, Maldives, Liechtenstein, and Madagascar :)
  • Search engine stats: Google 99.36%. Yahoo came second. I’m guessing Blogger.com bias. :)

Most visited posts

The Python and ORM posts were due to unsolicited Redditing and DotNetKicking. The others care of Google.

Posts I like but no one visited :)

Proving once and for all that just because you build it doesn’t mean that they will come.

Where to from here?

The purpose of my blog remains the same as last year: a way of helping me learn stuff. I still find blogging to be one of the best ways for me to solidify a concept in my mind.

I’ve found with my new job (~5 months) I’ve been doing tonnes of coding in an Agile, TDD-toting team, and so a lot of my time and learning goes on there. My work also has an enormous library of text books which I’ve been working through, and I’m also tending (with the exception of this post :)) to be a bit more selective about what I post, so a lot of my Frankenstein-like learning experiments never see the light of a browser. All this has made my blog a bit quieter of late, but hopefully this has meant a higher signal-to-noise ratio over the last couple of months.

Thanks to everyone that’s subscribed, commented, or visited my little patch of the intraweb – it’s great to think that my ramblings occasionally help out. :)