Full disclosure: Bought off with a ReSharper licence

In the interest of full disclosure, I recently got sent a free ReSharper 4.0 Personal Licence from JetBrains. I really don’t know why. The explanation in the email I received was very generic: "for donating so much of your time… whether in the form of plugin development, quality verifying, promoting or educating about ReSharper".

I emailed them back and asked why I got included in the list for a free licence, but haven’t received a response. All I’ve done for ReSharper/JetBrains is left them a comment or two, downloaded the R# 4.0 nightlies and maybe even tried to submit one of those automated bug submission thingoes (which I think failed due to the proxy at my work). I have blogged a couple of times on ReSharper, although never anything high-traffic. So I’m at a loss to explain why.

I haven’t used the licence yet (was hoping to find out why I got it first), but I guess you can probably disregard anything positive I’ve ever said about R# now I’m owned by them after being sent free swag. In fact, just assume from now on that I have absolutely no integrity whatsoever. Luckily astute readers are already way ahead of me on that… :)

And no, I can’t give it to you instead because the licence is non-transferable :P