Nothin' but .NET heading down under

I left a comment on JP Boodhoo’s blog recently, and asked if there was any chance of him running a Nothin’ But .NET course in Sydney, Australia. I got an email response from him a short time later:

“As far as the course in Australia!! I will be there next year [2009] to give a course in Sydney!!”

I’ve been really keen to attend this course for ages now, but the commute to Canada each day was pushing it a bit :). In case you don’t know what the course is all about, here’s a review (and links to other reviews) from Kyle Bailey’s old blog. To quote a bit of the blurb from a recently scheduled course:

Nothin’ But .Net is a five day boot camp that will focus on pragmatically applying .Net within the context of developing a working N-Tiered application. Registrants will learn about advanced features of .Net (2.0/3.0/3.5) as they are applied to the task of building a complete application from the UI layer all the way down to the mapping layer.

Core Concepts Overview
  • Expanding the capabilities of developing with VS.Net - Enter ReSharper (a productivity add-in for Visual Studio .Net)
  • There’s more to life than generated code
  • Automation for the developer
  • Generics ( they’re not just for collections )
  • Back to basics - Rules Of Good Object Oriented Design
  • Dependency Injection
  • Object Relational Mapping in .Net
  • Applying the dependency inversion principle
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Passive View/Supervising Controller,MVC
  • Creating layered architectures
  • Driving out functionality and design through testing
  • Taking Control Of Databinding
  • Behavior (Test) Driven Development
  • Core design patterns applied
  • Pragmatic Productivity Tools For Developers

It sounds awesome. Hope to see a few like-minded Aussie developers there! In the mean time, if anyone knows of any current course in Sydney that covers any of this stuff please leave a comment or email me, as I’d try and attend that too during the looonnnggg wait ‘til JP visits in 2009.

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