Moving up, moving out, moving back...

After throwing myself headlong into the process of migrating my blog to a shiny new address, I found myself a bit disillusioned with the animated banner ads that appeared on the blog over there. Seeing I’m my most frequent reader, it seemed like a bit of a waste to have ads (or gaps of whitespace for Adblock users ;-) ) on my own resource. I don’t really want to be looking up some configuration setting for NHibernate to be interrupted by an animated banner telling me to buy stuff.

So, much like George Costanza in ”The Revenge”, I’m heading back to work and pretending nothing ever happened :-)

One thing I have learned from the experience is to really appreciate some of the services we have like Blogger,, Feedburner, Google Code etc. that really offer a lot without asking much (or anything) in return.

Another thing I learned was to look before I leap. I actually knew that already, but was blinded by my years of longing for an MVP-like blog on, right next to Mr Gu, Frans, et al.

And finally, I learned that anyone that reads my blog or blog feed, and enjoys it for some strange reason, should make sure they are subscribed to my Feedburner feed, so you can continue to suffer my inane blog posts no matter where my blog is hosted. :)

Not sure what to do with the old new blog. I might just keep it there as a reminder to me that the grass always looks greener on the other side… :)