Plans for IIS 7.0 web app deployment framework

Just reading through ScottGu’s .NET Web Product Roadmap and noticed this (emphasis mine):

“We will also shortly begin sharing details of a new web application deployment framework for IIS that enables you to easily automate the deployment of web applications on either a single server or across a web farm of machines.  It will make it easy to version your web applications (including allowing you to quickly roll back to previous versions), as well as automatically provision them across multiple servers.  It also enables the full automation of deployment tasks (including via both command-line and PowerShell scripting APIs).”

This sounds like much more fun that other approaches I have tried.

ScottGu also mentions that the first public preview of ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions (including ASP.NET MVC) will be released next week! Woohoo! More toys! :-)