Fight the Bull!

I used to have fun with this tool ages ago:

Fight the Bull - Download Bullfighter

Originally developed by Deloitte Consulting, it is a plug-in for Office that picks up any bull^H^H^H annoying business jargon you have used. I remembered it while desperately searching for the correct spelling of the word ”remediated”, then I suddenly realised that this was a stupid thing to write when I meant “fixed” (go easy on me, I have been writing documents for management consumption over the last day or two). 

Try running it over the following sentence:

As a Centre of Excellence, we will leverage new paradigms, synergise economies of scale and provide vertical and horizontal-alignment between stakeholders.

Bullfighter comes up with some classic suggestions and comments (stakeholders? Did you mean: vampire slayers?). It is really fun to run over official communication from management types ;-)

Granted, there are times and places for different communication styles, including jargon, but it is fun to have a laugh at some of the ridiculous terminology we come up with in pursuit of a dollar/pound/euro/yen etc.