Committing using the keyboard in TortoiseSVN

This post brought to you from my insanely-trivial department. When you commit some work using TortoiseSVN you are given a nice little dialog in which to enter comments and review the files being committed. I tend to break up my commits into logical sections of work, some of which are quite small (for example: adding client side validators to a single ASPX page). So I type in my comment, and have the option of tabbing through the relevant form fields or reaching for the rodent to click the OK button. All pretty easy, surely there is no way for a lazy person to do less work during this process… or is there?

Turns out you can mash Ctrl + Enter in the comments field and that will be the same as hitting the OK button (pressing Enter normally just gives you a new line). This will undoubtedly save me fractions of a second every day. Over the course of my life this could add up to an astounding 5 minutes of time saved! Of course, this blog post took about 6 minutes to write…