Emailing form links using SharePoint Designer

It is surprisingly difficult to email a link to a relevant input form in a SharePoint Designer workflow. There is no built in property, not even a nice way of getting server name/domain. The only option I have found is to build up the string.

I have tended to put an “Initialise variables” task as the first step in my workflow, then use the Build Dynamic String action. I can then use this dynamic string in my workflow emails and feel slightly less dirty about hard coding in domains and so forth :)

Here are the basic steps to configure this in the “Initialise variables” task (the link above has some nice pictures of the relevant screens):

  • Create a new variable, serverUrl, or similar.
  • First action, set the variable to the domain: http://myserver/
  • Add a “Build Dynamic String” action as the second action. For the string to store, I had something like this:
    [%Variable: serverUrl%][%Tasks:Path%]/DispForm.aspx?ID=[%Tasks:ID%]
  • Store this dynamic string in another variable, such as displayFormUrl.

The above example builds a link to the display form of the current item, which is a task in this case. You can then use the displayFormUrl variable within your email task.