Windows Live Writer (Beta 2)

I can’t believe I am advocating a Microsoft product :) But to give credit where it is due, Windows Live Writer is awesome. It offers varying levels of support for a number of blog types, including nice integration with SharePoint 2007.

I have had problems with the Blogger web editor mangling code samples and so forth, so Live Writer is a very welcomed change. There are a number of plug-ins available (and an SDK) to extend it, and MS even offers a FireFox plug-in (Blog This for FireFox) to replace my Performancing/ScribeFire plug-in.

I can now assault both the Sharepoint 2007 team blog at work and the Internet at large through this blog using the one interface!

Now to see if I can run it at home on Linux… :-)

PS: This post was obviously written and published with Live Writer.