Predictions of a static universe

From , cosmologists are predicting a static universe in 3 trillion years. The essence of the prediction is that in a mere 3 trillion years or so the evidence we have for modern cosmology (cosmic microwave background radiation, deuterium and helium concentrations) will have disappeared within our then-apparently-static area of the universe. Anyone existing there and then will have a hard-to-impossible time of inferring the existence of a Big Bang or even that the universe has had any evolutionary stages at all. It also suggests there may be other pieces of the cosmological puzzle for which all evidence has disappeared.

Lawrence Krauss, one of the authors of the paper, concludes: “We may feel smug in that we can detect a host of things future civilizations will not know about, but by the same token, this suggests we wonder about what important aspects of the universe we ourselves may be missing. Thus, our results suggest a kind of a ‘cosmic humility’”. Interesting from both a scientific and philosophical perspective :-)