My favourite Firefox add-ons

Here are the Firefox add-ons I have trouble living without:
  • Adblock Plus - block invasive and/or high-bandwidth ads. You can let through “tasteful” ads at your discretion :)
  • FireBug - essential for web development
  • ScribeFire - For blogging. Formerly Performancing.
  • IE View - useful for switching to IE for SharePoint sites at work, and for testing cross-browser compatibility.
  • English AU dictionary - when U need coloUr.
  • Macfox Graphite - nice OSX-style theme that looks great in XP and OSX-themed GNOME.
  • Tab Catalog - a tab switcher with tab previews, nice keyboard control and lets you use CTRL-x to select your xth tab.
  • Hit-a-Hint - provides keyboard shortcuts for navigating HTML links.
History (most recent changes first):
  • Added Hit-a-Hint.
  • Added Tab Catalog.
  • Removed DownloadThemAll. It dramatically improves file download speeds, but the lack of polish on the UI bugged me :) And I didn’t use it much.
  • Added DownloadThemAll! on recommendation of colleague.
  • First publish