Removing chrome from SharePoint page

MS Dynamics CRM has some info on removing chrome from Web Part pages and document libraries. This is useful when combined with the Page Viewer Web Part so you can embed a list into another page. These methods involved mucking around with HTML, embedding styles, or embedding javascript to muck with styles and HTML.

An example of an embedded style is given in a comment posted to the first link first link. This involves adding the following to a content editor web part:

.ms-navframe {
.ms-bannerframe {
  display: none;
.ms-titleareaframe {

Another way is using WSS RPC methods with the dialogview parameter as described here. This method involves using owssvr.dll to view the information via a URL in this format:

http://[Server]/[Site Path]/_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?dialogview=FileOpen&location=Shared%20Documents

I’m a bit surprised there isn’t a simple querystring parameter or similar to do this.