Knights of the Round Table

Once upon a Bugs Bunny episode my brother and I found one set of jokes particularly (unnaturally?) funny: The Knights of the Round Table all had great names, like “Sir Loin of Beef”, and “Sir Osis of Liver”. We then maturely proceeded to come up with similarly “funny” (using the term loosely) names. My wife and sister-in-law have had independent yet similar discussions. Here is a selection for posterity’s sake:

Sir Loin of Beef
Sir Osis of Liver
Sir Mon
Sir Ment
Sir Pent
Sir Vent
Sir Cal
Sir Vile
Sir Ve
Sir Vicestation
Sir Lee
Sir Round
Sir Mount
Sir Mise
Sir Jen
Sir Cuss
Sir C’de’Sol
Sir Lective
Sir Cular
Sir Bia
Sir Ramic
Sir Rendipity
Sir Perb
Sir Rengetti
Sir Plant
Sir Cit
Sir Prise
Sir Real
Sir Charge
Sir Vive
Sir Reen
Sir Rebral
Sir Veer
Sir Vay
Sir Hara
Sir Pository
Sir Cumb
Sir De
Sir Name
Sir Rylic
Sir Condment
Sir Jical
Sir Lacious
Sir Iff
Sir Tain Toofail, Sir Tainly
Sir Fe, Sir Fing
Sir F’dom
Sir F’sup
Sir Cumnavigate
Sir Cumference
Sir Cumcision
Sir Cumstance
Sir Vical
Sir Vicks
Sir Face, Sir Facearea, Sir Facetoair Missile
Sir Factant
Sir Klet
Sir Je
Sir Villian
Sir Blime, Sir Bliminal
Sir Retonin
Sir Render
Sir Tificate, Sir Tify, Sir Tifiable
Sir Che, Sir Chengine
Sir Ching
Sir Shimi
Sir Vill
Sir Uptitious
Sir Perfluous
Sir Vitude
Sir Lenium
Sir Vannah
Sir Questor
Sir Jest
Sir Crete
Sir Pose
Sir Ca
Sir Pass
Sir Port
Sir Cadian
Sir Veilance
Sir Culate

Er, sorry, I’ll stop now.